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Diabetes is not neglected

Every 10 women around us suffer from diabetes. Along with general diabetes, women also suffer from special type of pregnancy diabetes, whose treatment and complexity are different. Due to the lack of diagnosis and treatment facilities, diabetes-related death rates are also higher among women than men.

* At the young age a large number of women are getting pregnant with diabetes. This number is 8 to 14 percent. Increase the risk of winnability, family history, physical impoverishment, childbearing age etc. Risks are more when there is diabetes in previous child or pre-natal or child mortality. It is important to check for diabetes within 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.

* Those who have had diabetes during pregnancy, again a large number of them become diabetic patients. After six to eight weeks of childbirth, it is necessary to test glucose tolerance again.

Diabetes should be kept in mind when infertility, abortion, child mortality or newborn death. Those who already have diabetes, they control diabetes well before taking the child, instead of taking medicines, take insulin and consult the doctor.

Due to diabetes, urinary problems in the urinary tract infections, vaginal fungal infections, and other problems. Besides, women with diabetes are at higher risk of heart disease than others

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