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Economic Aspects Of Family Law

Economic Aspects Of Family Law

The comparative legal history of married property, viewed in broad perspective, covers a amount of concerning four,000 years, throughout most of that a husband was usually considered a quasi-guardian of his womanUN agency was dependent upon him economically and wrongfully.

English common law, for instance, removed the separate legal temperament of a girl once she married and unified it therein of her husband, although she regained it if she became a widow. Her husband nonheritable in depth rights to the administration and possession of her property, together with full possession of any moneys she received from employment or business, with no obligation even to administer associate degree accounting.

The freeing of ladiesthat occurred in several countries throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, deeply affected family law and married property. The Scandinavian countries created radical reforms within their married property laws in the Twenties, introducing a brand new style of marital regime during which the relations retain freelance management of their property apart from some things for the disposal of which the consent of the opposite spouse is needed. This arrangement was important within the reforms of different countries.

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