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If you want to stay healthy, get married soon

Marriage is a social bond or legal agreement through which marriage is established between two people. Marriage is not just a social tie. Marriage together with two people. Due to marriage, the exchange of minds of two people is given. As a result, two people can divide their thinking consciousness among themselves. As a result, loneliness is possible to overcome all the mentality, frustration, and fatigue. So it is important to get married to stay healthy.

Information that has recently been published on a health website. Find out what is said about marriage and healthy people-

If you want to stay healthy, get married soon
If you want to stay healthy, get married soon

Disease prevention: Regular marriage between husband and wife is established regularly. This leads to the increased immunity of the couple’s body.

Reduces blood pressure:  researchers Joseph J. believes that when regular physical relationships are established, blood pressure decreases. Pinson Research says, physical relationships reduce blood pressure.

Exercise:  It costs about five calories per regular body. Researchers said two types of benefits are available in physical interaction. One. Speed ​​up the heart, two. At the same time, many muscles are activated.

There is no risk of heart attack:  physical relationships are beneficial for the heart. In addition to keeping the heart rate well, ‘estrogen’ and ‘testosterone levels’ control. Researchers say that those who are involved in physical activity for at least two days a week are less likely to die of heart attacks.

Reduces pain:  reduce the pain ‘organisms’ is more effective. Professor berry r. Commissar said, orgamum can stop pain. Because the hormone that is released in it increases the body’s pain resistance.

Sleep: You  can sleep fast after physical relationship. Because the hormone that is released during the organs, it relaxes the body and brings sleeping emotions.

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