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Pregnancy delay ?

Most couples expect a child to have a certain time after marriage. But due to various reasons pregnancy can be obstructed or delayed. Many times after trying to get one child after another, many couples try to fail. In pregnancy, both husband and wife work as a result of several physical and psychological factors.

Problems in making ovaries in the ovaries in the ovaries, problems in getting ovaries from the ovaries, fertilization of the fertilized egg in the uterus, or because the uterus can not grow in the proper environment can lead to pregnancy problems. Problems in pregnancy due to birth defects of reproductive organs, other problems related to reproductive organs such as tumors, cysts or polyps, germs infections, diabetes, malnutrition, excess weight, thyroid or other hormones, age, blood diseases, and some medicines.

There are also some reasons for men. Such as decreasing the number of sperm, obstruction of the reproductive organs, which inhibit sperm or defective sperm Apart from this, there may be problems due to birth defects, infections, reproductive organs, excessive weight, over age, smoking, alcoholism, cancer, some drugs, radioactivity, excessive heat work etc.

After a woman crosses 35, her pregnancy decreases and increases the risk of miscarriage. However, if there is no major error, at the right time, about 80 percent of the patient’s condition improves after 6 to 12 months. However, these treatments can be long-term, from 36 months to 48 months. If there is a problem in pregnancy, then both the wife and husband should take necessary examinations at the right time.

Some women may need surgery. In men, testicular biopsy may also be tested. In case of a couple, complex procedures like Test tube babies may also be required.

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