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Study Cares of Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance is worried with the principles of money, enterprise and control, with an emphasis on professional careers on this region.

The phrases ‘Accounting’ and ‘Finance’ aren’t necessarily synonymous with each other. Accounting is worried with a variety of statistics analysis, for many one-of-a-kind factors of a commercial enterprise. Finance however is worried entirely with the economic budget of said business.

Why Study Accounting & Finance ?

This kind of degree is mainly suitable for folks who experience mathematics but who also long to use those abilities to the context of commercial enterprise and growth one’s recognition of the whole lot that is going with it, be it control, commercial enterprise regulation or economics.

Another advantage to Accounting & Finance is the ability for joint honours, and . Joint honours permits a student to position their eggs in more than one basket, and presents range to the university enjoy, at the same time as the opportunity to observe abroad allows students to peer greater of the arena at the same time as simultaneously developing their knowledge of their direction, in this situation Accounting & Finance.

Eight Reasons to Study an Accounting & Finance Degree

Coursework, Assessment & Exams

Modular based course, imparting crucial center modules for base understanding, embellished through flexible non-compulsory modules, permitting tailoring and specialization into sure regions.
Frequently, seminar involvement will be monitored by way of workforce as a means of ongoing evaluation.
Normally speaking, evaluation is executed through exam, although coursework and verbal displays are commonplace area.
Continually test your preferred organization and the direction that they offer.

What are the postgraduate possibilities ?

Postgraduates have heaps of possibilities in each jobs and in addition training. Countless institutions provide MA Accounting & Finance, MSc Accounting & Finance, in addition to Pre-Masters Accounting, PgDip in enterprise management and Accounting. Use our to refine your look for Postgraduate Accounting & Finance publications.

What are the jobs opportunities?

Jobs for Accounting & Finance graduates can frequently be located within the large multinational professional offerings companies, which include , and .

Those are big businesses, employing loads of thousands of professionals in accountancy, auditing, funding banking and plenty of different fields. Due to their length and popularity, these agencies tend to have very strict and excessive stage entry requirements.

Insurance businesses also are large employers, as are excessive road banks.

Many of the jobs which are without delay related to an Accounting & Finance diploma are:

  • Accounting Technician
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Investment Banker
  • Stockbroker
  • Tax Adviser

Among the jobs that are directly related to an Accounting & Finance degree are:

  • Accounting Technician
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Investment Banker
  • Stockbroker
  • Tax Adviser

Reasons to Study Accounting & Finance

Eight Reasons to Study an Accounting & Finance Degree

For those considering a degree in Accounting & Finance but need further convincing, the Complete University Guide lends its expertise. Here are 8 compelling reasons to study Accounting & Finance:

1. Excellent graduate prospects

Just check out our Accounting & Finance subject table, look down the Graduate Prospects column and you’ll spot that students of accounting stand a decent chance of being professionally employed within six months of leaving uni.

2. Graduate schemes

As our Top Graduate Employers table proves, many of the UK’s graduates are employed by financial services firms. Click on Business, media & public service professionals and you’ll see the top employers include PwC and KPMG, numbering just a few. Naturally these sort of firms are on the lookout for outstanding Accounting & Finance students to fill the places on their graduate schemes. Study accounting and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself working for an established company with a structured training programme and clear career progression.

3.  The world needs its accountants

As long as money makes it go round, the world will need its accountants. Sure, accountants and finance professionals have to move with the times and stay up-to-date, but the profession is unlikely to expire anytime soon.

4. You could work in any industry

Accountants record, classify, summarise, interpret and communicate the financial information about a business. You can apply this to any company, in any field, industry, sector – you name it. Better still, you could be working across a number of industries.

5. Internationally diverse cohort

Subjects which fall under the broad spectrum of Business and Administrative Studies, including Accounting & Finance, benefit from the most culturally diverse student cohort of all. Over 55,000 of the UK’s students in this area come from overseas. A diverse cohort will not only expose you to people of different cultures but can provide you with an international network of contacts who could prove influential later in life.

  • More info on What do International Students Study?

6. Joint honours

Accounting & Finance complements other subject areas very well, particularly those which fall under the large umbrella of business. A number of universities offer courses to reflect this fact. Study for a joint honours degree to become a broad business person, an accountant with a second language (particularly useful in a global marketplace), or simply combine with another passion of yours.

  • Use our Course Chooser to find an Accounting degree combined with a subject of your choice.

7. Real-life application

Accounting & Finance degrees often take a highly practical approach, meaning universities ensure their students learn by doing. Students benefit from simulated and real-life opportunities to manage business accounts. Many Accounting & Finance courses have an optional placement year, and with a year in industry under your belt you’ll surely leave prepared for the rigours of professional life.

  • Use our Course Chooser to find an Accounting degree with a sandwich year in work.

8. Year abroad opportunities

Business is a global enterprise these days, and it would be silly for Accounting & Finance education providers to not reflect this fact. Hence why so many do. A year abroad will provide students with a deep understanding of the global economy, experience of other cultures, and language skills.

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