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Study Cares of Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is all about aircraft – about how they stand up within the air and stay there. It’s about their design, creation and energy. For your 5 yr course you’ll get a through sensible grounding.
Manufacturing engineering meanwhile is a area of engineering dealing, instead of with one location of production and maintainance, however with extraordinary practices and areas, which include engineering studies.

Job Opportunities

Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering graduates often work for aeronautical companies such as BAE, Rolls Royce and British Airways. There are also jobs to be found in aerospace companies, airlines and in the armed forces as well as franchises such as Coca Cola.

Why Study Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering?

  • Knowing how to make very complex machines is not a skill acquired by all – or indeed, hardly anyone. You’ll receive a through grounding in everything required, from technology to processing to management.
  • Manufacturing is a competitive global market that rewards those with skill and determination with great starting jobs and excellent chances of promotion.
  • With engineering being a global industries, the best courses might offer a year abroad. The chance to study in India, China, Europe or the US is one few would pass up.
  • Engineering degrees also tend to focus heavily on the business and management element, rather than on simply the practical element of putting stuff together. You’ll be well placed to start your own company.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration is very common, so don’t fear being shunted into a single area too early. Modules in other engineering disciplines are usually offered.
  • Top UK Universities for Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Degree Of Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

  • BEng Aeronautical and Mechanical Manufacturing
  • MEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
  • MEng Aviation Engineering
  • MEng Manufacturing Engineering with a modern foreign language

Reasons to study Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

If you’ve ever watched Top Gun and wondered how exactly Tom Cruise’s jet plane can go faster than sound, you might want to consider Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering. But Tom Cruise’s desperate, all-consuming need for speed isn’t the only reason you should think about studying the subject. Here are five other reasons:

1. Practicality

2. Starting salary

3. Employers

4. Rigour

All that practical challenge has its benefits, though, and not just for you. Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering are at the knife edge of modern technology. From helping research eco-friendly fuel alternatives, to making engines more efficient, to streamlining the production of necessary goods to minimise waste. It’s all big, interesting, world-shifting stuff, and a degree in Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering might well give you what you need to grab the world by the scruff of its oil-stained overalls and shake it up.

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