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Study Cares of Business & Management Studies

What is Business & Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by many universities throughout the world. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations. Management studies programmers provide students with a solid foundation in organizational behavior and human resource management while electives in labor-management relations, negotiation, conflict resolution, compensation systems and organizational development allow students to develop deeper knowledge in specific areas of interest. In addition to business management course, it will equip you to understand how organizations work, how they are managed, and how they interact with local, national and international environments.

Why Consider Business Management Courses?

You might decide to take Business Management courses if you encounter one or more of the following challenges…

  1. Your work experience is not enough to get ahead

Your own experiences may have gotten you this far, but whatever your chosen career path, it is virtually impossible to know everything from experience alone. In the world of business and management, theory, development, strategies and insights can far surpass on the job experience. You may have built up plenty of experience in one side of business, only to realise that you are notably lacking in another side. A course that is designed to give a broad, encompassing overview of ALL sides of business will allow you to gain the understanding you need to get where you want to go.

  1. You are being overtaken by changing technology

How well do you think you understand the latest technology in processes, communication and business? You may not think so, but as technology continues to reinvent processes, change (if not replace) existing job roles and create new roles, it is more important than ever before to stay abreast of the changing landscapes of business. If you are not actively trying to learn and stay on your toes, you may find that you get left behind. Studying further to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need is the best way to keep up to date on your skills.

  1. Your understanding is limited to your current role

Those who work in the financial side of a company seldom understand much about what the marketing people do, and vice versa. In today’s competitive arena, being able to get a bigger picture of how businesses work, across all areas of operation, is essential. If you have dreams of starting your own company, or moving up the corporate ladder into a management position, this is especially important. Taking a year out of your life to study while you are working is a small investment when you consider the benefits that it could offer in the way of growth.

  1. Your understanding is limited to practical experience

We know that nothing can replace the value of practical, hands-on experience in the real working world. But, much like you need that experience to know exactly how a business really operates, theoretical knowledge and experience can be equally valuable. In fact, the most powerful combination includes both practical and theoretical knowledge. By learning current strategies, concepts, ideas and best practices, and getting access to case studies that indicate the best way to make decisions in business, you will be equipped with a well-rounded, holistic understanding of business.

  1. You are lacking insight and interaction from peers and mentors

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You may have been working for some time, learning a bit as you go and making do with what you have. But perhaps you are feeling stuck or unable to grow. The value of studying further goes far beyond the information you learn. It also includes the insight and interaction from your peers – fellow students who have plenty to offer from their own experiences. It also includes the chance to find mentoring opportunities through lecturers and even fellow students. Studying remotely at a distance learning school does not limit this opportunity. As any business school graduate knows, networking is a major part of the studying process, after all.

Degree of Business & Management Studies

  • BA Hons Business Studies
  • BA Hons Management Studies
  • Business & Management Studies is a degree which is almost always studied in tandem with another subject.
  • Accounting & Management, Accounting & Business, Business & Languages, Disaster Management.
  • MSc in Business Management
  • MBA Business & Management

Future of Business & Management

Like many other fields, Business and Management is feeling the impact of technological advances. With big data and artificial intelligence allowing many tasks to be automated, the nature of business is changing every day.

But while most Business and Management specializations are not going to experience dramatic growth in the next decade, the outlook is generally positive according to projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, most job titles in business-related fields are expected to experience steadily increasing demand, keeping pace with the average rate of growth for all jobs.

Reasons to Study a Business & Management Studies

1. Practical and theoretical

A degree in a business-related subject strikes a balance between theoretical and practical work. Many business schools in the UK enjoy good relations with local and global businesses alike meaning students benefit from cutting edge business techniques as well as high calibre work placements during their time at university.

2. Case-based learning

Business degrees are notorious for having a high level of case-based learning. Universities use real-life examples so students can apply their learning. Students are seldom in doubt as to whether what they’re learning will have real-life applications.

3. Combined courses

Business schools usually offer a number dual honours degrees meaning you’ll be able to combine a business education with another passion of yours or explore two strands of business in greater detail. Use our Course Chooser to find a list of Business degrees combined with a subject of your choice.

4. Large pool of modules

Business is a very broad area and this is reflected in the variety of modules students are able to select from. Students can tailor their degree according to career aspirations or keep their education broad, specialising later in life.

5. International perspective

The world is a small place these days with business becoming more and more of a global endeavour. Business degrees reflect this trend throughout their delivery with specialist international modules and placements, even a year abroad. Use course chooser to search for Business Studies courses offering time abroad.

6. Internationally diverse cohort

True to form the quality of business education at UK providers attracts a substantial number of students from overseas. In fact it’s our business and management degrees which benefit from the largest number of international students. The figure is more than double than that of the next highest subject group.

7. Good graduate prospects

Just order our Business Studies & Management subject table by Graduate Prospects and you’ll see that business students enjoy a pretty good chance of ending up in professional jobs within six months of graduating.

8. Transferable skills

If graduates choose to follow an alternative path all together, they can rest assured that the transferable skills a business degree develops are in high demand. Skills include understanding how an organisation operates, communication, decision-making, numeracy and presenting – just to name a few. Business graduates have a wide variety of career choices and have the aptitude required to work in any industry.

Job opportunities

  • Business & Management Studies graduates earn above the average graduate starting salary.
  • Typical career paths include Management Consultancy, Human Resource management, Marketing, Insurance companies.
  • These are competitive areas of work, and so hard work is required to ensure a high return.

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